Clarity. Transparency. Accountability.


At  Turner Financial Solutions we are taking an innovative approach to the advice process – an approach that puts your needs first.

We are proud to offer professional services that are unencumbered by pre-existing ownership structures and practices.

Our sole focus is giving our clients tailored financial solutions that are well-informed, structured, and transparent.

In our experience, the right advice provides a clear sense of direction, achievement, and satisfaction. For our clients, there is huge benefit in having control over their finances, a plan for their future and financial protection against death or disability. These intangible benefits are priceless. We believe that as advisers we should be rewarded according to the strength of our client relationships and the success of our financial strategies, not by our ability to promote specific products.

There is a key advantage in having an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser in order to both maximise opportunities, and to build the discipline of maintaining long term plans. In addition to the financial value of advice, there is also an emotional value provided from the peace of mind associated with a structured stable plan.

We all have aspirations. Financial advice is all about helping us breathe life into those goals. No matter where we start out, nothing should stop us from getting where we want to be. The path to making our goals real starts with identifying a realistic plan.